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The World Is Quiet Here

(uses male [he/him/his] or neutral [they/them/their] pronouns)
Your name is JAMES. You are pretty enthusiastic about A LOT OF THINGS. You collect an odd assortment of FANDOM THINGS and LGBTQA MABOBERS here on your blog. You are currently trapped in the MID-WESTERN UNITED STATES. You often spend your days REBLOGGING and occasionally DOODLING for your friends. You are in a relationship with THIS FINE LADY and will happily gush about her to anyone who asks. You take an interest in ALMOST EVERYTHING but you hold a particular fondness for RANDOM TIDBITS. You are currently A RETAIL SLAVE but you hope one day to work at a MUSEUM. Your skype is available to anyone who ASKS. You are presently a COLLEGE STUDENT studying ART.
What will you do?

Mar 7 '12
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